Our Mission

Energy Tokens (ET) is a complete solution trading platform using Blockchain enabled technology to acquire, hold and transfer direct interests in energy producing assets, including oil/gas and solar/wind.

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Renewable Energy Projects

ET will tokenize both Oil & Gas Renewable Energy Projects, side-by-side on the same Energy Trading Platform.


Zero Carbon Before 2050

The blockchain is the catalyst to transform the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon before 2050.


Unlocking Liquidity

By unlocking the liquidity in oil projects, and providing investors with oil distributions through the ET platform, it creates a pathway for billions of dollars to be channelled direct to renewable energy projects.


Current Issues With Energy Producing Asserts

  • Direct investment is made through private negotiated transactions
  • Non-Industry investors have limited access to these investments
  • Limited liquidity opportunities by holders of non-controlling interests prior to sale of entire asset
  • Legal conveyance mechanism is anitquated through filings in local registeres
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ET Energy Asset Trading Platform

The ET platform has been developed to address inherent problems facing the energy industry with the goals:

  • Democratizing energy investment opportunities.
  • Creating liquidity for illiquid energy investments.
  • Facilitating better access to capital for energy development projects
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Digital Transfer Agent

All investments into Energy Tokens is through a Digital Transfer Agent, registered and regulated through the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Blockchain Tracking

All investments into various Energy Tokens is through blockchain technology to track ownership and compliance for the securities

Digital Investor Management

Quickly and easily onboard investors, KYC/AML checks & manage your offering from anywhere in the world


Why Blockchain

  • The ET platform operating on the blockchain allows fractional energy asset ownership
  • The decentralized nature of blockchain technology means it does not rely on a central point of control and removes the need for a trusted third party in any transaction
  • The buyer and seller now has access to a cheaper and faster method for an asset to be purchased, and then sold on an open market without any value loss to the asset
  • Holders of tokens/digital shares shall have similar ownership rights as holders of full shares of stock listed on traditional markets
  • This technology change of asset ownership will represent a transformation to the capital market structure of the energy industry for the next 100 years
AI And Blockchain

What does a token represent?

Tokens are digital shares and for investors, stakes are preserved on the blockchain ledger, tokens in the individual energy projects will represent the value of a piece of equity in the project

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Digital Shares

Holders of tokens/digital shares shall have similar ownership rights as holders of full shares of stock listed on traditional markets. Exactly like traditional markets, the price of tokens can increase and decrease based on the success of the individual energy project.

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