Energy 4.0 Keynote Presentation by Alastair Caithness on energy asset tokenization on the blockchain

October 29th 2021

Energy Tokens CEO Alastair Caithness was a keynote speaker at Energy 4.0: Digital Transformation Technology Exhibition to discuss the tokenization of energy assets on the blockchain.

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The world´s demand for clean and sustainable energy production, new qualified workforce & performance while improving safety, process-operations planning & results is a must in today´s industry and New Technologies stands in the core as a real solution. Hear from industry leaders, discussing. Energy 4.0 covers the following key topics;

- Digital Twins & OTS to optimize operation and maintenance of physical assets, systems, and processes.

- AR/VR & XR: Immersive learning for the future engineering workforce

- Artificial Intelligence, IOT & Machine Learning: Big data as a core to re-shape the industry

- Blockchain: A true disruptor for the energy industry

- Nuclear Small Modular Reactors SMRs and Advanced Reactors ARs as a flexible power generation solution

In this event other keynote speakers come from Chevron, Siemens, Gazprom, Halliburton, Yokogawa, L3 Harris, Blockchain for Energy, Canadian Blockchain Association plus many more.

Caithness was a co-author of the first financial journal research paper on 'Finance infrastructure through blockchain based tokenization'. The financial paper was written in conjunction with researchers and professors from University of Florida, Columbia University and University of Michigan. The financial paper provides an investigation into the feasibility of securitizing energy infrastructure assets through blockchain tokenization.